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Atheist, bisexual alien raccoon... brought to you by two preacher parents

Is This Too Much Information?
Religion: I'm not taking sides.
Gender: I'm not taking sides.
Sexual orientation: I'll take any side.

This journal is for my most private thoughts. This means I want everybody to have access to them, except my personal friends. The internet is great for flaunting an alter-ego.

Name: I spent a few months trying to get inspiration for a username to use, one of which was "TMI". Unfortunately, all the blogging services had that one taken(how appropriate). I then tried to think of a furry alter-ego, but no names came to mind. Then one day as I was busy being bored during a Bible study, I began to think of prefixes to "TMI" to turn it into a word. I instantly fell in love with the name "ITTMI"(Is This Too Much Information?) and a logo came to mind. 6 vertical lines/scratches with a single line crossing the T's and finishing the M.

Policies with this journal and identity:
  • Any personal attacks will be ignored and deleted. The violator will then be pitied and boiled, if there's nothing better to do.
  • Any guesses as to my identity will be answered with a "No" or equivelent.
  • I don't live anywhere near you.
  • I am not out to get you
  • Feel free to comment and friend.